The Schubert kids, Diane, Dana, Karen and Stuart, are getting together, for the first time in 8 years. Dana & Molly are kindly hosting us at their home in Seaford, DE. Di and Quig Fletcher and Stu and Janet Schubert are driving from Palatine. Karen is flying from MN. We'll have about 48 hours together before dispersing.

We arrived. Here we are

In birth order, from right, Diane, Dana, Karen and Stu.

Di and Stu settle in


Julie Schubert Jellig and kids came for an overnight.


Maria, Patrick, Conor and Donnie

The kids with the Great Aunts. They come in the kitchen and call for “Aunt Somebody!”



More silly kids.


Molly and Dana's 50th wedding anniversary dinner.

Between the four of us, we've accomplished 209 years of married bliss – well, maybe not always blissful but an accomplishment for sure. Diane and Quig, 58 years; Karen and Tom, 53 years; Dana and Molly, 50 years; Stu and Jan, 48 Years.

Georgia Schubert Lightfoot and boys Sean and Ross came too.

We still travel fast.

thanks to Molly and Dana for hosting a great reunion!