Argostoli is on the island of Kefalonia, midway down Greece's west coast. It also has an ancient history, with island Athenians winning control of the island in 431 BC. Rule changed hands many times, but the main architecture reflects Venetian rule for three centuries around 1500 to 1700. Much of the city was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1953.

We do not have a shore excursion today. We need to use tenders to access the dock. We take a short trip by mini train to scope out the town, and then set off by foot. There are several museums. We go to the Archeological Musuem and the Korgialenio History and Folk Musem. They are small but interesting, with stone artifacts from 50,000 to 80,000 BC. Handmade laces are popular, and by 1900 they were “bobbin made.”

Then we find a sidewalk cafe for lunch, with a strong WIFI signal.