We couldn't use tenders in Nessebar, Bulgaria, because of rolling seas, so we cruised 20 miles down the coast to Burgas, with a new cruise terminal that has been open just one week. The Prinsendam is the second cruise ship to come to the new terminal.

The tour buses followed so we had a visit to a Bulgarian village. We visited a family in their home in Goritsa and enjoyed pastries and fruit juice. Their two granddaughters wore Disney shirts and had no problem identifying Minny Mouse. Next was the Bulgarian Orthodox church, small and befitting it's rural setting, where the priest's wife told us about the village religious life in very good English. Then we went to the village cultural center, similar concept to our community centers, where Mayor Kosin Kapitanov told us about the village with the help of an interpreter. Karen had a photo taken with the Mayor.

We then walked on the pedestrian mall in Burgas, obviously a gathering spot for the locals, most fashionably dressed, and people watched at a sidewalk cafe.

The new port terminal at Burgas.

Welcome to Bulgaria.

In Bonka and Vasily's garden at their home in Goritsa.

Bruce and our tour guide Hristina.

In the village church, St. Michael Archangel, the patron Saint of Goritsa.

Tom and Bruce behaving in church.

Goritsa Mayor Kosin Kapitanov and Karen.