The city of Tomis, founded by the Greeks more than 2,500 years ago, became Constanta ( in the 6th century, renamed by Roman Emperor Constantine in honor of his sister. It is Romania's largest seaport, and it's Black Sea port is very industrial with lots of military ships as we came into the dock this morning.

We went into the city and walked to the old town. The city appears to be falling down on itself, with crumbling streets and buildings. There is primitive construction going on all around. Fifteen men were working with shovels on a 50 foot stretch of pavement. Another 50 were replacing all the stone tiles in the plaza, Plata Ovidiu, in the old town, in front of the National History and Archeological Museum.

The Museum is an impressive looking building with three floors of antiquities, dating from wooly mammoth tusks and artifacts from the 3rd century BC to a huge number of Roman articles from the 2nd century AD. Their pot collection, from all eras, is astounding. Modern history centers on the 1800's and there is an apparent Russian influence and dominance.

Wild brown bears live in Romania, and nowhere else in Europe. We didn't see any.


One of many sorry structures.


The National History and Archeological Museum.

Karen and Tom in the museum.

A wall of pots.