The Prinsendam arrives in Athens Early in the morning and we go to the Athens Ledra Marriott to spend the night before our 7 AM flight tomorrow to Paris and then MSP. Bruce and Karen go to the National Archeological Museum in the afternoon. It's a well organized collection in a beautifully finished building, and we spend nearly two hours covering the many rooms, realizing two days may be a more adequate time.

The collection is arranged chronologically, beginning in the Archaic Period, 8,000 BC, to the Neolithic era, 6,800 to 3,300 BC, the Mycenaean era from 1,600 to 1,100 BC, the Greeks and then the Romans. There are many rooms of impressive statuary, headless bodies and body less heads, multiple rooms of pots and jugs, ancient jewelry, grave carvings and religious artifacts.

Most interesting are the individual pieces of modern art placed in several rooms, juxtaposed with the ancient pieces and complimenting them. It's truly awesome.

Karen at Athen's National Archeological Museum.

Bruce and a bronze Zeus from 2,000? BC.

Jockey boy found under water.

Aphrodite and modern art.

The old and the new.

The Parthenon at night.