Mary Jo and Keith, Dana and Cami, hosted Christmas Eve with a beautiful, tasty, roast beef dinner for twenty people and three labs. MJ's mother and three of her four sisters, Joann, Karen and Suzann, were joined by spouses and Joann and Paul's four children, three with dates. The Andersons included Keith and family and Tom, Karen and Tim. We followed tradition with peppermint ice cream dessert, chocolate pie, and a game of dominoes. The dogs hung out under the tables watching for droppings and then napped on the couch, except Moxie who is not allowed. Everything else is allowed.

A good time for all.

Mary Jo, Cami, Karen and Dana.

Keith, Karen, Tim and Mary Jo

Molly and Paul Ellis

Two Karens and MJ

Molly, Bridget and Alan

Coco, Chanel and Moxie