Thursday, November 6

We dock at the pier in Santarem and begin our tour of the city. Santarem was founded in 1661 as a Jesuit mission to a Tapajo Indian settlement. It is marked by the confluence of the Tapajo River with the Amazon, a “meeting of the waters” where the blue Tapajos flows alongside the milky beige Amazon for miles, because of their differing densities, before they mix.

Our guide Paolo takes us through the square to the museum and church.

We visit the Museo de Sacred Heart, the mission founded by the Sisters of Maria in 1910 and Flourishing since. Paolo's daughter goes to their school.

The cathedral was finished and consecrated in 1761.

We go to Fisherman's Square and hear about the Indian wars. Reminds me of the movie, The Mission.

Water front art in Santarem: