Thursday, November 6

We ride to the countryside/rainforest/savannah for:

A walk in the rain forest to see:

A rubber tree and how the sap is collected and turned to rubber or latex.

Termites. YIKES!

A manioc house, where the roots of the tree are diced and ground; the juice squeezed out of it is poisonous and boiled to become tapioca. The pulp that was squeezed is then strained through a sieve, and heated over a fire for five minutes to become manioc flour, a staple of the Indians.

We taste several manioc products, bread and cake.


We watch the process of shelling Brazil nuts, taste the fresh nuts, so juicy and tender, and see the crafts made or carved from the shells. We see and sample the many varieties of forest fruits.

The little ones watch us.

Back on the ship, we tour the ship's bridge.