Saturday, November 8 to Monday, November 10

A 14 piece brass band meets us at the pier in Manaus. It's a floating pier to accommodate the rise in water levels, up to 30 feet, during the rainy season.

We go on a river excursion, on the Amazon Explorer, to the Meeting of the Waters, to see where the Rio Negro meets the Solimoes River to form the Amazon.


The two rivers flow for miles without mixing because of the differences in density, speed and temperature.

We transfer to small “canoes,” motorized launches, to explore one of the small tributaries.

We see houses and huts, some with people peering out of their windows as we pass by. Most houses are on stilts to accommodate the rise in the river.

Some live in floating houses.
Boys are flying kites.

Each community has their soccer field, of course.

We see a caiman in the flooded forest.

And a fisherman bringing in his nets.