Saturday, November 8

We're on a Highlights of Manaus tour. The Opera House is the main attraction.

Built over 17 years, it was the first major building in Manaus and was consecrated in 1896,

Tom's brother, Bruce, and Karen went on the tour.

Manaus was built by rubber. It was the second city in Brazil to have electricity, in the 1880's. The Opera House, with it's opulence, represented the great wealth of the city. It was built with materials, marble and wood and tiles, from all over the world.


The great rubber boom ended after 1912 when Henry Wickham, of Great Britain, smuggled rubber tree seeds out of Brazil. The English took the seeds to Malaysia where they established rubber plantations.


The Opera House was closed for many years, but has been renovated twice in the past 60 years and includes most of the original materials, from all over the world, used in its construction.

San Sebastion Church and Square.
We visit open air markets, for fish, fresh produce and products and handicrafts of Brazil.