On Sunday, November 9, we leave the ship and go to the Tropical Hotel Manaus. It's billed as a 5 star hotel, but it has seen better days. The rainforest climate is hard on buildings. The Tropical is also called an “Eco hotel,” and on its grounds is a zoo, with 22 species of animals, many of them endangered.

The hotel has a lovely swimming pool.

It rains all day Sunday. The locals tell us that the rainy season has begun three months early, due to climate change

Capybaras in the rain.

On Monday, the rain stops and we go on a tour guided by the zoo's naturalist, Dayse. She speaks only Potuguese, but two of the people on the tour, a pilot and flight attendant with Brazil's TAM Airlines, act as interpreters for us.

We see big cats, colorful birds, capybaras and coatis, and five different kinds of monkeys.



A sloth in the forest canopy.


We see monkeys in the tree tops! Two Pied Tamarins live wild in the forest canopy. They are among the rarest and most endangered of Brazil's 144 different species of monkeys. They are unable to live in captivity.