More Rikjs Museum

The library at the Rikjs holds 30,000 books, all about art! The entire collection is 400,000 volumes, but the excess is stored in underground vaults.


The art is arranged chronologically, and there are history lessons along the way.


Heed the story shown!

The elderly parents, in tattered clothing, are to the left. Their eldest son is in the middle, surrounded by siblings and their children, all dressed in the fashion of the day. As the story goes, the parents spent all their money to clothe and provide for their children in every way, and now the son is denying to help them as they grow old and poor. The biblical lesson is an admonishment to the son to honor his parents, but also to the parents to be better money managers!


During the Golden Age, the Dutch ruled the seas and trade through the superior strength of their ships.

A whole room at the museum is devoted to battles at sea.

Just one of the many battles at sea is shown above and described below.

The end of the Golden Age, the beginning of The Netherlands.