Today is Thursday.

Cami left us at 5:30 this morning to return to MN. She has long travels ahead, on US Airways through Philadelphia. She's been away from home since June 9th, on her own at age 20. We're very proud of her!

We cancelled our planned trip to Prague. The weather forecast there is for high 90 degree temperatures and over 80 percent humidity. We've learned that the AC in Europe is way below US standards.

There is lots more to do in Amsterdam. Today is more museums day.

At the Rijks Museum, Tom was happy to see Rembrandt's The Watchman. He found it whimsical, imposing and entertaining.

Karen found Rembrandt's Jewish Bride to be whimsical and entertaining, a bit less imposing.

Karen's favorites were the doll houses from 1600s. They were not child's toys but women's characterizations of their lives and households. You can read about them here.



In Dutch, it's a Poppenhuizen

This wealthy family showed its status and standing with musical instruments. The oldest girl, Maria, plays the harpsichord, Wentje and younger sister are singing. Brother Pietre plays a stringed instrument, a bass version of a violin, but sized just for him. The baby holds a crystal rattle, also a teething toy, with bells and a whistle. The dog wears bells. Father is a fabric trader and merchant. So many wealthy of the era wore black because black fabric was the most expensive. They used indigo for dye, needing to import it from the Far East. The family's clothes are simpler than many of the era because they were Mennonites. The music and rich fabrics proved their wealth. Who is the artist? I must return to the Rijks to find out!