This morning we go to the Amsterdam Museum. This afternoon and evening we’re going on a bus excursion to Delft and The Hague.

It rained overnight, but is now just cloudy. How did we luck out with all these dry days? Our umbrellas are ready.

The Amsterdam Museum is just a block from our hotel and it is not crowded this morning. Its focus is on the history of the city, and it often extends to the history of The Netherlands.

The Amsterdam DNA presentation is an overview of the city’s history using various electronic and interactive tools. It’s informative and interesting.

Paintings are interspersed to add variety and a different perspective. It’s all complementary to the displays we saw at the Rijks Museum yesterday.
Another story told. These are the Jeremias Collins, a wealthy family from Cologne who built a country house in Velens. All eleven children are well dressed. As the Golden Age waned, Collins was bankrupt and lost his country house. The artist is Jan Mitjens.
Another family saga told. Another unknown artist.

Our museum stamina is waning as well.