On Friday afternoon we take a bus tour to Delft and The Hague.

The Delft factory in Delft is full of the beautiful and pricey ceramics.

At the entrance is a car with the distinctive Delft painting.

We’re given a tour of the factory and the process used for the ceramics. Each piece is baked twice at 1,200 degrees celcius.

This is the authentic marking given to each of the hand painted pieces produced in this factory. Other pieces, painted with a stencil rather than by hand, are given the mark of the oak tree and are less expensive.

There’s a replica of Rembrandt’s Watchman done in tile, the same size as the Watchman painting. It was auctioned and sold last year to an anonymous buyer for an unpublished amount. A small 10 X 12 copy sold for 4,000 Euros.

The cow is also painted with Delft designs.

We go to the city square in Delft for an early, light dinner. Hooray – more pannenkoeken!

There’s a Protestant Church.

And a Catholic Church.

With a tall steeple you might climb were it not under reconstruction