Saturday, from one hotel to another.

We leave the NH City Centre at noon.

The street side is utilitarian; the canal side has a much nicer view.

JL 76 Hotel is near the major museums. It's a nice neighborhood. Strange name for a hotel? It's at 76 Jan Luijkenstraat. Just not very creative.

Our room is on the fourth floor with a street view. Note the hooks sticking out of the top floor. They're for hoisting thing up to the right floor and putting them in via the windows. We have a hoist beam in our room with the hook outside.

We have lunch at a street side cafe and explore the neighborhood. Rijks Museum in the background and Van Gogh Museum at left back.

The Stedelijk is a museum of modern art. The line was over an hour long , and I declined to wait.
Tom has a walk in the woods.