Tuesday, August 18

We arrive in Cologne, Germany around 1 PM, and shortly after go on a walking tour of the old city with our tour director Bob Visser. Cologne was settled BC and made a city by the Romans.

It's chilly, in the 50's, but the rain has stopped. There are many churches, squares and monuments, and it's a busy, clean city.

At City Hall, with it's tall tower, we come upon a wedding.

This is Toones and Schall, the Laurel and Hardy of Cologne.

We stop in a pub where Toones and Shall animated characters are playing music.

The monument to the Elves of Cologne tells the story of the elves doing the work for the shopkeepers at night, with the promise that they are not to be seen. When a woman seamstress breaks the promise, they indeed go away.

The highlight of Cologne is the Cathedral, started in 1248 and completed in 1880, over 600 years later!

The cathedral was just partly bombed in WWII, and is continually under repairs. The stained glass windows were removed before the war and saved, to be put back in.

The monument to Cardinal and Archbishop Flinks is in gratitude for his speaking out against Nazi mistreatment of the Jews during WWII. He was a hero to the people here.