Wednesday, August 19

Koblenz and Castles

We have a walking tour through the charming city of Koblenz. It's an old City, founded by the Romans in 9 AD. 90 percent of the city was destroyed/bombed at the end of WWII, but the important historic buildings were carefully rebuilt through the Marshall Plan, to all to their pre-war glory. Many of the buildings have plaques, telling of the year it was built, the year destroyed by fire, the year rebuilt, the year destroyed by war, the year rebuilt.

The church has Roman, Gothic and Baroque architectural elements. The inside was restored most recently.

There are many local legends in Koblenz with monuments depicting their stories.

The Robber Baron made the mistake of falling in love with the mayor's daughter. The town's people killed her and blamed it on him. Before being executed, he asked that his head be placed above the dance hall door, and he would bring good fortune to the city. Two hundred years later, his likeness was placed there, to acknowledge the town's good fortune, with eyes rolling and his tongue sticking out every quarter hour.

The Peppermint lady took care of stray dogs and cats. To support herself, she sold peppermint to men coming out of the pubs to mask the scent of liquor on their breath.

A lady with her basket of vegetables is shown with a policeman. She is asking the policeman to arrest the dog (recently stolen from the scene) who has peed on her veggies. He is laughing because everyone knows that she uses horse pee to fertilize her veggies.

The four corners decorated with craftsmen's symbols.