Wednesday, August 19. Castles on the Rhine

We’re blessed with sunny, if still cool, weather for our afternoon cruise on the Rhine. We pass several charming towns, many vineyards terraced on the steep hillside, and over a dozen castles.

Marksburg Castle is the best preserved castle on the Rhine. First mentioned in the 13th century (that’s in the 1200s!), it’s now open for tours.

The City of Boppard has many vineyards nearby and the lovely St Stevens Church.

Sterrenberg and Liebenstein Castles were built in the 11th and 13th centuries. The brothers Henry and Conrad both loved their cousin Angela and fought over her. Angela left them both and went to live in the convent in the village, where she soon died. The brothers built a wall between their castles, and they both died of heartbreak and misery! The castles are known as The Hostile Castles.

The Loreley Rock and Statue depict the legend of the siren Loreley who is supposed to have lured passing sailors to their death. When water levels fall, as they are now, you can see the hazardous reefs of the Seven Virgins. According to the legend, seven hard-hearted virgins were transformed into rocks there. People climb the steep, 132 meter high rock to the flags on top.

Die Pfalz Castle is in the middle of the Rhine and its base is shaped like a ship.

Schoenberg Castle

We dock at Rudesheim and walk to town for an authentic German dinner with live polka music with the whole boat load of people. After wienerschnitzel and spatzel and red cabbage and applesauce, it gets noisy and rowdy so we leave early and walk back to the boat enjoying ice cream cones and a beautiful sunset.