Thursday, August 20, Frankfurt and Heidelberg

We're now on the Main River, pronounced Mine. Of the 64 locks we will go through on this trip, 34 are on the Main. It is a very narrow river in some spots, and we bump the sides of the lock.

Docked in Frankfurt, we are bused to Heidelberg for the day, because the river there is not big enough for our boat.

Heidelberg wasn't bombed during WWII. While the city was founded in Roman times, the buildings are mostly from the 1600s rebuilt after the 30 Years War, but reconstructed to their earlier era.

We saw City Hall,

And the Church of the Holy Ghost, both Catholic and Protestant, with two different doors for the two faiths to enter.

The University of Hamburg is the oldest in Germany, founded in 1129.

Above the town is Heidelberg Castle Ruins, the largest castle ruins in Germany. It has a deep castle moat and 9 doors in the entrance gate.

The castle moat.

An ancient sundial is on one of the castle buildings.
The view of Heidelberg from the castle is lovely.