August 21, Wertheim continued in the town of Reicholzheim.

Best part of the day, we reach Audrey on FaceTime and sing Happy Birthday to her! There's a slight delay in the sound/voices, but there we are, seeing each other and chatting away. She likes her gift from us – having her piano tuned!

In the afternoon we have a home visit with people in the area. Karen's group of eight goes to the town of Reicholzheim.

We visit in the apartment of Ullie (Ulrica) Amend, a divorced mother of four grown children and grandmother, Oma, of three.

Ullie works as a home health aide, using a car provided by the agency she works for.


She hosts about 30 visiting riverboat groups a year, for fun and for travel money.

She visited Fort Myers, FL with her oldest son in June and will go back again next May.