Sunday, August 23 in Rotenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria.

Our boat docks in Schweinfurt, Germany, and we're bused to the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, or “on the Tauber River” to distinguish it from the other Rothenburgs in Germany. This is an example of a walled medieval city, one of the only ones left in Germany.

There's a lovely City Hall with a tall tower to climb. We didn't!

The town is known as a town of eternal Christmas, with its many shops with Christmas gifts and decorations, including the main shop of Kathe Wahlfarth, combining five old houses to make a maze of rooms with mostly oppressive Christmas decorations. It's hard to find a way out, and the only exit is at the cash register.

A wedding in the town square.

The clock tower on the square has two figures who appear in the hour lifting their mugs to drink wine. They represent the men who saved the town from destruction during the 30 years war when it was occupied by enemy forces who gave them a drinking challenge.

The city wall is nearly intact and has multiple towers.
Guarding the wall.