Saturday, August 22, Wurzburg, Germany

We're still on the Main River, working our way through 34 locks of the total 64 locks on all three rivers. The Main is quite narrow, and we often bump the sides of the lock as we wait for the water to rise.

Wurzburg had people living here in 500 BC, or so we're told. Its main fortress/castle, Marienberg, was destroyed during the 30 Years war, 1616 to 1648, and then rebuilt.

The entire city was bombed in March, 1945, destroying 90 percent of the buildings. As a result, two weeks later the Allies set a policy to no longer bomb central cities in Germany, but only military and industrial targets.


So, the churches and City Hall are all post WWII buildings, built as replicas of the original buildings.

Betsy, from CA and CO, and me in front of City Hall.

The central market place has food instead of souvenirs.

It's Saturday afternoon, and the tourists are out en masse on a lovely, 80 degree sunny day.

Sail away from Wurzburg.