August 24 and 25, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

We're now on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, connecting Amsterdam on the North Sea to the Black Sea. It's an engineering marvel, tried several times beginning in 793 AD, completed in 1992 after a 70 year effort. It crosses the European Watershed, the Continental Divide, reaching an altitude of 1,340 feet.

There are 16 locks on the RMD Canal, some of them over 80 feet tall. They are very narrow. One is 38.4 feet wide, and our boat is 36.4 feet wide, leaving a foot of clearance on each side.

One lock master is responsible for several locks, so the coordination is complicated. The boat companies pay just $1,200 to go the 110 mile length of the RMD and must make reservations a year in advance.

We go through the tallest locks, 82 feet, at night, making photos difficult.

Thursday morning we wake up in a lock where the boat is going down instead of up. That means we crossed the continental divide during the night.

Beyond this lock the Danube River is just 4 kilometers away.