Tuesday, August 25, Nurnberg's Nazi buildings.Y

We dock in the industrial section of Nurnberg and are bused to the city to see, first, the buildings and areas associated with Hitler and the Nazi Party in 1933 to 1945. We then go to the old city and visit the medieval buildings of this old city, reconstructed after WWII.

Nurnberg is the second largest city in southern Bavaria, second to Munich. It is called the Garden City. It's an orderly, immaculate city.

We drive by and through the Nazi Congress Hall, planned By Hitler to be bigger than the colloseum in Rome but never completed.

SS Headquarters

Tom is listening to Janet, our very knowledgable local guide.

We stop at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and Zeplinn Field, built to accommodate 250,000 people attending special events where Hitler spoke and reviewed huge numbers of troops. We recognize the setting from photos and news reels of the day.

Zeplinn Field is allowed to be grown over, so as not to restore any of the Nazi glory.

Hitler and the Nazi troops.

We pass the Palace of Justice and prison complex where the Nuremberg Trials were held, in room 600, after WWII. The court house and jail were largely intact after the war.

In the afternoon, we visit the Documentation Center, using video and displays to show the rise of Hitler and the National Socialist Party from 1933 to 1945. It's a powerful story.