Tuesday, August 25 continued.

We go to the Old City of Nurnberg. It's primarily from the late Middle Ages. The first paper mill north of the Alps was here in 1390.

We go to the Old Market Square, with the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), City Hall and Beautiful Fountain.

City Hall is covered in white plastic while it is being renovated. The Beautiful Fountain is also covered in plastic, but it's painted with a likeness of the fountain. We take a photo anyway.

The Church of Our Lady has an elaborate clock that has a pageant and carillon bells every day at noon. It's called the Mannleinlaufen. At a signal given by the trumpeter standing to one side, seven electors dressed in red pay homage to Emporer Karl IV by walking round him three times. The scene recalls an imperial law passed in Nurnberg in 1356, the Golden Bull.

The inside of the church is very elaborate.

The Market Square has vegetables and fruits as well as souvenirs and famous lebkuchen cookies, like gingerbread but more cake-like.

The Old City walls and tower.

The cemetery is very orderly and full of flowers.