Wednesday, August 26 in Weltenburg Monastery and Regensburg

We begin cruising the Danube River today!

We dock briefly this morning at Kelheim to board buses to Weltenburg Monastery. Tom stays on the boat while Karen goes to the monastery. This area is significant archaeologically as well as historically. Our local tour guide, Cassandra, tells us about the area where a 50,000 year old skeleton was found, and of the reconstruction of a large Celtic settlement from 2000 years ago.

We see Liberation Hall commissioned by Ludwig I celebrating his victory over Napoleon. It is half covered in plastic, being renovated.

We walk along the limestone rocks of the Danube River to Weltenburg Monastery, passing a ferry boat, not motorized, but pulled by a rope across the river.

The Weltenburg Monastery is now run by just seven Benedictine monks, who support themselves with a brewery, the 100 room St George guest house/hotel, a farm, a beer garden in the church courtyard, and scenic boat rides in the gorge of the Danube River.

The Church of St George, constructed several times, was started anew and built from 1716 to 1751 by the Asam brothers, one an architect one an artist. It is in the late Baroque style, very detailed and elaborate, with paintings telling stories. Our guide in the church is Erni, who tells us of St George and the dragon many other stories.

The ceiling of the church is flat, but the fresco painting makes it look domed.

The beer garden in the church square is covered with a canopy of horse chestnut trees.

I walk the steps above the church to a small chapel and a view over the church square.

We board boats at the monastery to ride through the Danube Gorge, the most narrow and deepest part of the Danube. There are limestone cliffs along the gorge.

With Betsy again.

Another view of Liberation Hall.