Thursday, August 27 in Passau, Germany. This is our final day in Germany.

Passau is called the Dreifluessestadt, the city on three rivers, at the confluence of the Danube, Ilz and Inn rivers. It’s another city with a long history, with a Roman settlement in 6 BC. The castle/fortress above the city was first built by the Romans, but the building now has a date of 1299 written on it, and the walls are from about 100 years earlier.

The Danube has flooded the city many times in the past 500 years, most recently in 2013. Some buildings still show the marks of of that high water and repairs continue on many buildings.

On the City Hall, there are markings showing the flood levels over the years. The 2013 flood is shown as second only to the flood of 1501 for the high water level.

We visit the city’s main square and its massive and lavish St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It had a 17th century reconstruction in the Baroque style, but there are still elements of its original Gothic style.

The cathedral is most well known for having one of the world’s largest organs, with 17,774 pipes and 234 stops.
Tom and Betsy
We were lucky to attend an organ concert at Noon today, hearing music from composers beginning in the 1600s and every century to the present.