Thursday, August 27, Passau continued

The docks are crowded with river boats today, the most we've seen since the beginning of the trip. They're docked two abreast for the length of the dock, and we have to walk across a Viking cruise boat to get onto shore.

The story: Danube River levels are very low, and many boats have made it this far but are too large to continue in either direction. Their passengers are being put onto buses with their luggage and they will complete their tours on land.

Our Grand Circle Cruise boat is smaller, with a smaller draft, and our captain is confident that we can continue on The Danube, but we will have to go more slowly in some places.

We leave Passau at 3:15 and have wonderful views of the city as we head south.

We see the two different colors of the water as the Ilz meets the Danube.

German sunbathers

Soon we see Austria on the right bank. The Danube is the Germany/Austrian border for a while before we have Austria on both sides.