Friday, August 28

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

We're in Austria today, on the Danube River. There are several boats in Melk, most headed north. Tom stays on the boat and walks into the town of Melk to drink coffee and watch the world. Karen joins the excursion going to the Melk Abbey above the town.

Melk Abbey is a large complex, with highly decorated, ornate Baroque buildings, including the church. The Benedictine monks have been here for 900 years. Thirty monks run this Abbey, with a 63 guest rooms accommodating over 100 guests, a school for 900 students, a museum, a famous, large library, and responsibilities for farmland and forests.

The museum gives the history of the Abbey and it's ups and downs (represented by wavy floor boards) over the centuries. The idea of heaven is shown with heavily gilded figures.


The church has many detailed frescos on the ceilings and walls. The largest one is painted on a flat surface, giving the illusion of a dome.

This is certainly the most ornate church I have ever seen. Our guide Bob calls it Baroque on steroids.

After our tour of the Abbey we have Music and refreshments in the Abbey restaurant.



Karen and Betsy, our friend from CA.