Friday, August 28 continued

We leave Melk and head toward Vienna. We cruise through the Wachau Valley, with beautiful vistas, classic villages, vineyards and castles.

Schoenberg Castle is privately owned, and they give no tours. It appears to be in great shape.

Achstein Castle is a ruin on top of a hill.

Swimming in the Danube. A nudist beach complete with nude people.

A three inch statue, determined to be 25,000 years old. was found near the village of Willendorf. It was a primitive fertility statue and is now a museum piece.

The Castle of Vindenhaus is a ruin with a ghost.

Another nude on the beach.

The town of Durnstein has a blue clock tower. It also has a statue of Richard the Lionheart. He was returning from the Crusades and was held captive here in 1386-87. As the story goes, the English paid a huge ransom for his release. Check out the dates. Richard the Lionhearted was England’s King from 1189 to 1199. Oh well! Aha! Further research shows that Austrian Duke Leopold V, 1157 to 1194, held Richard here.

This town has built a wall for flood control.

As we cruise the Danube, Captain Pavel gives a wheelhouse tour.