Saturday, August 29 continued again


We go to the sun deck on MS River Adagio for a final view of Vienna before we leave the boat tomorrow morning.

A church at the harbor.
The DC Tower is the tallest building in Vienna. There's a restaurant on the top 57th floor. The tower is surrounded by a complex of UN agencies. About 5,000 people in Vienna work for the UN.

Tom and his friend Bill Dumka from NY.

Karen and Lois Kiehl from Sarasota.

A tower in Danube Island Park. People bungee jump from the platform at the top.

Good morning Vienna! We have breakfast at sunrise to leave for the airport. A magical end to an amazing trip. We're leaving at a good time as the temperature is to be 95 degrees today. The forecast for Minnetonka is 81 degrees at our expected arrival at 2:30 PM.