It’s Sunday, Tom’s birthday in Japan, but still Saturday in the USA.  We connect via Facebook for happy words. 

Our morning adventure begins with breakfast at Starbucks and the short walk to The Metropolitan Government Building, two tall, 50 story buildings with observation areas on the 45th floor.  The Olympic 2020 signs on the building are the only indications we’ve seen of Tokyos events to come.  It’s a cloudy, overcast day, but we go up the North tower and we’re able to see our hotel, a faint Tokyo Tower in the distance, the green parks scattered around the city, and a tiny temple set amid the tall buildings.  Tokyo extends as far as we see in all directions, and the buildings are so varied in size and height and architectural style. It seems to have evolved in a haphazard way.  At street level, we are impressed and amazed at how clean Tokyo is.  We haven’t seen graffiti, litter, and have noted a lack of trash barrels.  There are none!  We guess that with over 13 million people, any trash containers would always overflow, would be impossible to service.  This is reinforced as we continue our next adventure of the day to the Ikebukuro Station area.