Sunday afternoon we go to Shinjuku Station, the largest station in Tokyo, and take the JR line to Ikebukuro Station.  We’re looking for Sunshine City, the site of Pokemon Center, Cami’s desired destination.  A hundred thousand others are on the same destination track today.  We travel the length of Sunshine City’s Dori Street, full of game stores and arcades and incredibly loud music.  We stop at Shakey’s Pizzafor lunch.  Yes, that’s the same Shakey’s we remember, founded in 1954, with the same great pizza.  The Sunshine City building is similar to a three level shopping mall, with Pokemon Center prominent on the second floor.  Pikachu is the featured character, with the largest stuffed version priced at $140.  The store is full of kids and parents, well behaved but noisy and lively.  As we’re leaving, Pikachu himself arrives to screaming throngs and dances to their delight.

We are amazed again, but happy to leave the madness of Dori Street and reverse our route back to Shinjuku.  We explore the shopping areas there before returning to the hotel and dinner at a nearby quiet restaurant.  We reflect on the huge numbers of people we’ve encountered in the past three days and how polite and pleasant they’ve been.  They’re nicely dressed, often very fashionably, and attentive to their cute, cute children.   They have been helpful when asked and kind.  I begin to appreciate the challenges of living with such density and admire their success in doing so.